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    Chinese Writing Stone, also called Chinese Writing Rock, is a rare Basalt porphyry mineral with elongated feldspar crystal inclusions dispersed throughout a matrix. These crystals are typically white and frequently overlap, resembling ancient Chinese characters (hence the name). One can experience a new connection to Mother Earth thanks to the Chinese Writing Stone. You have a very grounded version that can be unlocked through this divine conduit between your soul and your home planet. You'll notice a change in your thoughts and ideas as you get more in touch with yourself and Earth's unadulterated vibrations.

    Chinese Writing Stone can help you discover your true self because it is an amulet of life force energy. One is capable of "finding" themselves again and reinventing what they have to offer the world through intense meditation with this stone.

    Origin -  Basalt porphyry. Colour -  white.  Cuts -  Porphyry end cut. Clarity -  lapidary material. Treatment - Untreated 100 % Genuine Gemstone.