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    Cavansite is a rare hydrous calcium vanadium oxide silicate mineral with colourful crystals and rosettes. These rosettes can grow to be a few centimetres tall and are usually found on a bed of other zeolites like Apophyllite and Stilbite. Cavansite was discovered by geologists in Malheur County, Oregon, in 1967 and named it "Ca-V-Si" after its chemical formula (CAlcium, Vanadium, SIlicate).

    Beautiful rich blue Cavansite sitting on beds of Stilbite sparked a frenzy of interest in this stone. Cavansite has only been found in two other places: New Zealand and Brazil. Poona specimens are still of the highest quality but are incredibly scarce. We recommend looking for this stone in old collections, estate sales, and mineral auctions. Cavansite activates and aligns our higher three chakras. This helps one transmit, communicate, and understand their dreams.

    Origin - Poona in India. Colour - Deep blue. Clarity – crystalline. Cuts - faceted cuts. Treatment - Untreated 100 % Genuine Gemstone.