Atomic Amethyst Star 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

308 products

    308 products

    Amethyst stars are known as the "dreamer's stone" because they encourage us to think positively and act on our desires. They're ideal for goal-setting as a manifestation stone, whether your objective is to land that new job, fit into those lycra yoga pants, or simply live more happily. The stars of Amethyst also have an uncanny ability to assist us in forming empathy bridges and seeing things from other people's perspectives. Making it much easy to speak up about our desires and communicate them to others. Merkaba stars are a one-of-a-kind star cut of your favorite gemstones that we've recently introduced to our inventory. The star, which is traditionally utilized in Reiki therapy, represents progress in a positive, loving, and light path, with a strong focus on healing energy. After dealing with celebrities, we've discovered that they're like small batteries for our energy.

    Origin: Brazil. Color: Violet. Clarity: Transparent. Cut: Rounds, ovals, pears, emerald cuts, triangles, marquises, cushions. Treatment: Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone