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China wholesale jewelry sales are forecast to double to 200 billion Yuan ($24 billion) within 10 years, according to industry experts in China. Wholesale Fashion Jewelry sales have rocketed to 100 billion Yuan from 100 million Yuan in the past two decades as the country has opened up to Western styles and fashions and further strong rises are expected. China is the third largest consumer in the world of gold and Asia's largest market for diamonds following a taken off is sales of diamond omaments.
Following the Close Economic Partnership Arrangement between Mainland China and Hong Kong and Macau, tax on silver jewelry wholesale has been cut to zero from a previous level of 35 per cent if products meet the mainland's customs requirements. This policy change enables fashion jewelry wholesale china from Hong Kong and Macau, long exposed to Western influences, to more easily enter the mainland. Jewelry, watch and spectacles industries have not only assumed important positions in China's export profile, but are also poised to launch large scale expansion internally for meeting the increasing internal and external demand. The China gems and jewelry industry has been witnessing expansion because Hong Kong firms are investing in the mainland. India, Israel, etc. have also been establishing their factories in China.


1. National Pearl, Diamond, Gem and Jewelry Importers and Exporters Corp. No-30 Dong Bei Da Jie Beijing. China

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To develop precious trade with other countries, China has started holding two annual International fashion Jewelry fairs for jewelry manufacturers china, each at Beijing and Shanghai. Luxury China at Shanghai, the latest and best international gems and jewelry manufacturers china fair was started by China in September, 2002 with Vicenza, Italy's collaboration for boosting gems and jewelry wholesale china give and take with the outside world. It is scheduled to be held in September, every on a bigger scale.


1. China Gems
Room 401, Building 19, Xiaohuangzhuang Road, Anwai Dajie, Beijing 100013, P.R.China
Tel: (8610) 84274811, Fax : (8610) 8474808.

2. China Jewelry Fashion Journal
Building 19, Xiao Haung Zhuang An Wai Street, Beijing 100013, China
Tel : (8610) 84274103, Fax : (8610) 84273732.


1. JB Jewelry
Shenzhen, China
Tel: +86-755-8225-6862
Email: jbjewchina@yahoo.co
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2. KGK Jewelllery MFG.Ltd
B-3/F, Jinxin Building, Yinjian Industial Area, Da Luotang, Panyu city, Guangdong Province, China -511400
Tel: 8620-34806744, Fax 8620-34806749
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3. Lian Xing Silver Jewerly Co.
North 30- Meter Road, Industrial Park Mei Long Town, Hai Fong, Guangdong, China
Tel: 86-(20)-81710699, Fax: 86-(20)-81710699, Fax: 86-(20)-81710699
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4. Yuhua Jewelry Ltd

4/F Cheng Xin Bldg No. 7, Mei Hua East Road, Xiang Zhou, Zhuhai, guangdong 519000, China
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