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Italy is credited with the highest wholesale jewellery turnover and jewellery exports in the world. Italy's domestic wholesale jewellery market is among the largest in the world. Italians purchase gold jewellery amounting to more than 50 tonnes of fine gold per annum, on the average. These figures place Italy at the top of Europe's graph.

If the capital cities of worked gold are Arrezzo and Vicenza, the one for jewels is Valenza Po in Piedmont. Already in the second half of the sixteenth century, Vicenza's Jewellery shops attained great celebrity and even today Italy is the biggest jewellery manufacturers and exporters of worked precious metals. Nearly all the 6,000 Italian artisanal concerns and about 300 industrial ones are located in Piedmont (Valenza Po), Venetia (vicenza and Bassano del Grappa), Tuscan (Arezzo) and Lombardy (Milano). The number of pieces manufacturer in these five places in a single day is about one million, nearly 62% of which is destined for exports.

Italy is a leading manufacturers of modern jewellery making machines too. Gold Law: The Italian law on gold is one of the most stringent to be applied anywhere in the world. It provides for drastic penalties and is closely supervised by the official Metrici (Weights and Measures Offices). Italian gold Wholesale Italy Jewellery is sold mainly in three quality ranges: 750 (18 Karat), 586 (14 Karat) and 375 (Karat).

Italian Diamond Jewelry is gaining growing in affluent Italy. Precious investment is also growing.
Enamel & Engraving: Besides wholesale gold jewelry italy and silver jewelry wholesale italy, other materials are also used. Diamonds, pearls and many colored gemstones are set into Jewellery Manufacturers Italy. Italian Jewellers are also masters in work of enamel with which they create a vast variety of Jewellery from Italy.
At Toree del Greco, near Naples, the ancient art of engraving corals has been handed down and the artisans even today create unique pieces.
Red Coral: Red Coral, the most expensive type is currently harvested to two localities in the Mediterranean Sea, along the Costa, Italian coral is well-known For Spanish coral also, one of the principal markets is Italy.


1. Associasione Orafi Giolielleria Affini
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1-Valenza PO (Alessandria), Tel: 0131/91.851, Telefax: 0131/946.609 Italy

3. Borsa Diamanti'd'
Italia 21, Via Torino, 1020123, Milano, Italy
Tel: (3902) 86461341/86693708, Fax: (3902) 72022697.

4. Centro per la Promozione del Diamante
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Lungo Tevere Osali Anguillarh 9 Roma 000-153.

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For promoting wholesale gems and wholesale gemstone jewellery, Italy holds three international annual fairs as Vicenza: Vicenzaoro-1, Vicenzaoro-II and Orogemma, in the beginning, mid-summer and fall of each year. Vicenzaoro-I has just celebrated its Golden Jubilee with increases international attendance of exhibitors and buyers alike. The World Gold Council (WGC). Gemmological Institute of America and numerous renowned trade bodies cooperate with the Vicenza Trade Board to make the triple Vicenza fairs event-packed expos. The Italian jewellery sector participated prominently in the India International Jewelry Show, held at Mumbai and staged a dazzling Fashion Show of Italian Jewelry as well.


1. Edizioni Gold SRL
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Associazione Orafa Valenzana, Plazza Don Minzoni n.1, 15048 Valenza, Italy
Tel: (0131) 941851, 953221, Fax: 946609.

4. Proposte
A.I.E.P. S.p. A-Agenzia, Italiana, Esportazione-via, Gadames. 89, 20151 Milano. Italy


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Email: aoro@ats.it
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