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Germany is located in Europe. it is flanked by the Baltic Sea, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech and Slovak Republics, Switzerland and Austria. The western part, a separate country till 1990, has an area of 2,47,973 sq.Kms., and a population of over 82.4 million. Geman is the official language. Euro is the unit of currency.


1. Arbeitsgemein schaft Der/Deutschen

Schmuch-und, silberwarenindustrie, 7530 Pfrozheim. Germany

2. Bundescerbad der Edelstein und/Diamantindustrie E.V.
Mainzer Str, 34, D-55743, /Idar-Oberstein 2 Germany
Tel: (49-6781) 4806, Fax: (49-6781)42163.

3. D.Gem G (Gemmological society of Germany)
Postfach 2260 55743, / Idar-Oberstein. Germany

4. Der Diamant und Elelsteinborse E.V
Mainze Strasse 34, 55743, / Idar-Oberstein Germany
Tel: 06781/4821/4822

5. Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft EV
Prof. Schlossmacher-Str.1 6580 2 Idar-Oberstein Germany

6. German Gemmological Association
Prof. Schlossmacher-Str.1, D-55743, Idar-Oberstein Germany
Ph: 49-6781-43000, Fax: 49-6781-41614.

  Government & Private Sector's Support to Jewellery Manufacturers Germany

The annual Intergem, an international fair for gems and jewellery has been quite popular. Leipzig Gems, Jewelry & Watch Fair, is held at Leipzig city has also become a big autumn event in Germany.


1. Alte Uhren and Moderne
Zeitmessung, D-8000 Munchen, 80-Calewey Verlag-Streitfeldstr, 35 Germany

2. Der Juwelier
Friedrich-Ebert-Str.7-9, Postfach 69, D-7535 Konigsbach-Stein 1 Germany
Tel: (07232) 1023.25/ Tlx.: 783760 Whs /d. Germany

3. Deutsche Uhrmacher Zeitschrift
Wolfschlugener Str. % a 7000, Stuttgart Deger. Germany

4. Gold and Silber
Postfach 10 02 50/7022, Leinfelden, stuttgart Echterdingen 1. Germany

5. Uhren + Schmuch Journal
Wiheil - Leuschner Str. 235, 6103 Griesheim Hes. Germany

 The New Educational Training Program 2006 of the German Gemmological Association

The German Gemmological Association,

the leading gemmological education centre in Europe, offers in 2006 a new educational program in English language leading to a world-wide highly appreciated and accepted reputation.

The training centre is located in the heart of the famous gemstone capital in Germany, Idar-Oberstein. Here, where centuries old knowledge of traditional gemstone cutting blends with the modern creative impulses of local artists, goldsmiths, ateliers and manufactories, you will find all the requirements for hands-on training and education.

The Educational Training Centre of the German Gemmological Association has been providing this specialized knowledge of gemstones, both in theory and practice, since it was founded in 1932 as a non-profit institution.

In particular, the laboratories, with their modern state of the art equipment, and the extensive gemstone collection, to which the students have access during class make it Europe´ s leading educational and research institute for gemstones.

The 15-weeks training program which is held from 28. August – 08. December 2006 covers following subjects:

coloured stones (testing and identifying)
trade customs, expert advice to customers
diamond grading and valuation
pearls/organic substances
and leads to an international recognized Diploma in Gemmology of the German Gemmological Association.

Benefit from the experience of DGemG:

- Get to know the characteristics of gemstones and the criteria for determining their values.

- Develop or refine your ability to differentiate between natural gemstones and treated stones, synthetics and imitations.

- Turn to be a professionally and economically successful expert in gemmology

- Meet interesting people from around the world who have one thing in common:

- their fascination of gemstones

Please find the detailed educational program on www.dgemg.com or contact us directly:

Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft e.V. (DGemG)


D-55743 Idar-Oberstein


Tel. +49/6781/50840

Fax +49/6781/508419

E-mail: info@dgemg.com or seminar@dgemg.com


1. Bruno Mayer International GMBH

Ringstrasse 2., 75210 Keltern, Germany
Tel: (49-7236), Fax : (49-7236) 70 179
Website: www.bi-international.de
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2. Buchwald Germany
Altkonigstrasse 4A-D-61462 Konlgrtein 1m Taunus Germany
Tel: + 49-(0) 6174-92560, Fax: 6174-925656
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3. Buelling Picto-Schmuck
Schulze Delitzsch, Street 29, Pforzheim, Broen-Wuerttenberg 75173, Germany
Tel: (49-7231) 455 780, Fax: 455 7830
Web: www.buelling.com
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4. Georg Lauer GMBH & Co
Guterstrases 14, D-75177 Pforzheim, Germany
Tel: (+49) 072311, Fax: (+49) 07231-105486
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5. Georg Spreng
Pfaelzerwaldweg 4, 73527 Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany
Tel: (49-7171) 67 740, Fax: (49-7171) 67 738
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