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Dutch Jewellery is a characteristic product of the skilled traditional Dutch gold and silversmiths. However, partly because their creations were generally designed for the Dutch taste, the volume of export from Netherland for a long time remained rather limited. But over the last two decades some 20 companies have succeeded in building up worldwide exports by producing not only jewellery of traditional Dutch designs, but also products that conform to the rapidly changing international fashion trends. The technically outstanding finish is an added attraction.
Dutch industry produces jewellery with gold contents of 3,9,10,14 and 18 Karats. For special customers, it can even make items of 22 Karat gold. For silver jewellery, silver contents of 835/1000, 925/1000 and 999/1000 are used.

Classic Silver Jewellery Wholesale From Denmark:
The manufacture of classic silver jewellery is largely concentrated in the silver town of Schoonhoven, which as a centuries-old traditional in this craft.
The collaboration between the Dutch precious industry and the 400 year old diamonds industry, which is mainly based in Amsterdam, has also produced extremely attractive collections in which diamonds are displayed very imaginatively in many kinds of jewellery.


1. Association of Danish Import Agents
Boersen, DK-1217 Copenhagen K.

2. The Chamber of Commerce of Denmark

Boersen, Dk-1217 Copenhagen K.

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1. Guld / Solv / Ure Kongevejen
270, DK-2830 Virum, Denmark
Tel: +45 835 211, Fax: + 45 830 611.

2. Gudsmedebladet
Marianne Muller, P.O. Box 899, 2100, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel: 35268173, Fax: 31424412.

3. Uhre + Optik
DK - 8600 Silkerbory - Lillehojevej, 10-Postboks, 306.


1. Flemming Lund
St Kongensgade 23, 1264 Kobenhavn k, Tel: 33321286, Fax: 33324892
WHolesale Silver Jewellery from denmark using unique and geniune gemstone jewellery denmark.

2. Kjedl Rose
Mineralimport, kr Koldsvej 38, DK 8230 Aabyhoj
Tel: (06) 190422
Fine quality Precious Stones suppliers denmark for use in wholesale jewellery manufacturers. Also manufactuers of sterling silver jewelry denmark updated with latest fashion.

3. Mobolar Aps

Nytorv 7, DK - 1450 Kobenhavn K
Tel: (01) 933221
Semi- Precious Stones trading and bulk wholesale to designers of manufacturer sterling silver jewellery 925 for its fashion shows and selling through online jewellery stores, jewellery retail outlets, jewellery boutiques etc

4. Popular Smykker
Damhus Boulevard 85, 2610 Rodovre
Tel: 01-720044
Designer wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturers and exporters from demark.

 Jewellery Designer Requires Jewellery Manufacturer

From: John McKenna
Email id:
Requirement: Jewellery Manufacturer Required

Hi, I am a jewellery designer / Viking historian, based in Dublin. I have been given permission to use stone from Viking archaeological sites from medieveal Dublin; specifically from the viking hearths/fireplaces. This stone is cut and polished and set in precious metal. I am looking for a reliable manufacturer based in Denmark. Because of the historic ties between our two countries, over a 1000 yeqars ago,(Ringerrike period of Danish and Irish/norwegian artisitc integration. I feel that this would be a wonderful oppourtunity to re-ignite old trading links ! The first piece I made was presented to HRH, Queen of Denmark. She was delighted with the gift. sincerely, John McKenna

Repective manufacturers kindly contact John at above email id.

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