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Austria has earned name and fame worldwide for its fine imitation wholesale jewellery. It is also a good European market for real gemstone and wholesale jewellery. Austria is located in Europe. It s bordered by Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, slovak Republic and Germany. For an area of 83,858 sq. Kms it has a population of 8.1 million. German is the official language and Austrian Euro is now the unit of currency.


1. Budeshgremium Des Handels Mit Juwelen
P.O Box: 440, A-1045, Vienna Austria .

2. Diamant-Klub Wien
Spiegelgasse 2 1010 Wien
Austria Tel: 527383

  Government & Private Sector's Support to Jewellery Manufacturers Austria

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1. Goban-Foreign Trade Enterprises
A- 4010 Linz P.O Box 166, Austria
Tel : 73134; Precious & Semi-Precious Stones.
Direct wholesalers of semi precious stone and sterling silver jewellery also supplies precious stone in wholesale to jewellery manufacturers in Austria

2. D.Swarovski & Co.,
A - 6112, Wattens, Austria
Tel: +43-5224-5002940, Fax: 53544
Email: office. Swarogem@swarovski.com;
Direct importers and distributors of wholesale precious stones used generally handcrafted gemstone jewellery and wholesale jewellery from austria.

3. Lencia Austria
Carlonegasse 8, 4030 Line, Austria,
Tel: 43 (732) 380885, Fax : 43-(-732)-384266
Email : office@lencia.at
Web: www.lencia.at
Direct wholesale silver jewellery and other jewellery in Austria, Source your online jewellery for wholesale only.

4. Lencia-Schumck Koch Gmbh & Co.,
Carlonegasse 8, A-4034 Linz, Austria
Tel: (43-732) 380885-0 Fax: (43-732) 384266
Website: www.lencia.at
Wholesale Sterling Silver jewellery Austria and Wholesale Gold jewellery form suppliers in Austria. Direct gemstone jewellery manufacturers Austria available online

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