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Australia, previously known as the 'Land of Opals' has lately become the 'Land of Diamonds' as well. The Australian Federation is situated in the South-West of Asia, Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans and Timor, Arfura and Coral Seas. For an are of 7.68 million sq.Kms., Australia has a population of 19.2 illion. English is the official language. Australian Dollar is the unit of Currency. Australia is producing fine jewellery too, with or without gems. Argyle has been promoting celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2001


1. Australian Gem Industry Assoc. Ltda
9th Floor, St. Martin's Tower, 31 Market Street, Sydney Australia
Australia. Tel: 2-92671310, Fax: 2-92671928.

2. Gemmological Association of Australia
P.O Box 184, East Brisbane- 4169 Australia

3. The Gemmological Association of Australia,
Gemmology House, 24 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney NSW2010 Australia
Tel : 61-2-92645078 (Int.) 02-92645078 (Aus) Fax: (02) 92835629

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1. Australian Gem & Treasure Hunter
291-293, Wattletree Road, East Malvern, Melbourne 3145. Australia

2. Australian Jeweller
Phoenix Media & Publishing, Locked Bag 26, sout Melbourne, Victoria 3205, Australia,
Tel: +61 (3) 96967200, Fax: + 61(3) 96968313.

3. Australian Mineralogist, Gemcraft Pty Ltd, 1st Floor, 293 Wattletree Rd, East Malvern, Victoria, Vic. 3145. Australia

4. Jewelry World, Jewelry World Pty Limited
PO Box 63, Eastwood, NSW 2122 Australia,
Tel: + 61 (02) 98046100, Fax: +61 (02) 98046517.

5. The Australian Gemmologist
Journal of the Gemmological. Assoc. of Australia
P.O Box 477, Albany Creek, Queensland 4035, Australia,
Tel: 61 + (7) 32646854.


1. Goban-Foreign Trade Enterprises
A- 4010 Linz P.O Box 166, Australia, Tel : 73134;
Precious & Semi-Precious Stones wholesalers and direct importer supplying to wholesale austraila jewellery manufacturers using gemstones.

2. D.Swarovski & Co.
A - 6112, Wattens, Australia, Tel: +43-5224-5002940, Fax: 53544,
Supplying precious stones for wholesale silver Australia and wholesale gold jewelry in australia. Source directl from us for wholesale jewellery use.

3. Lencia Austria
Carlonegasse 8, 4030 Line, Australia,
Tel: 43 (732) 380885, Fax : 43-(-732)-384266,
Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry handcrafted and semi precious gemstones supplying online to retailers and other wholesalers jewellery in Australia.

4. Lencia-Schumck Koch Gmbh & Co.

Carlonegasse 8, A-4034 Linz, Australia,
Tel: (43-732) 380885-0 Fax: (43-732) 384266,
Australia Gold Jewelry Australia & Silver Jewelry Wholesale Australia and supplying online jewelry australia.