Wholesale Gemstone Rings

Assorted Gemstone Rings :: Sold by weight i.e. per kilo, offers best wholesale prices and great varity assorted rings made with different semi precious stones rings assorted from gemstone rings manufacturers and rings exporters from India
Mix Lot
Ever Green Rings
Agate Druzy Rings
Amethyst Rings
Amazonite Rings
Apophyllite Rings
Aqua Chalecodny Rings
Aventurine Rings
Azurite Rings
Banded Agate/Onyx Rings
Black Onyx Rings
Black Onyx Rings
Blue Sun Star Rings
Black Sheen
Black Onyx Cut Rings
Blood Stone
Blue Lace Rings
Blue Chalcedony Rings
Coronelian Rings
Crystal Cuts Rings
Dalmation Rings
Druzy Rings
Goldy Rings
Green Onyx Rings
Grefic Jasper Rings
Hematite Rings
Iron Tiger Rings
Lapis Lazuli Rings
Lepord Skin Rings
Melachite Rings
Melachite Azuraite Rings
Moss Agate Rings
Multi Florite Rings
Nafed Zade Rings
Ocean Jasper Rings
Pheshosderite Rings
Picaso Jasper Rings
Picture Jasper Rings
Pioneer Wood Rings
Polka Dot Rings
Poppy Jasper Rings
Rainbow Claceca Rings
Rainforest Jasper Rings
Rhodonite Rings
Red Jasper Rings
Rose Quartz Rings
Septerian Rings
Spoted Shell Rings
Stichite Rings
Silver Leaf Rings
Snow Flake Rings
Star Glaxy Rings
Titanimum Druzy
Tiger Eye Rings
Turtella Jasper
Unakite Rings
Villowcreek Jasper Rings
White Howlaite Rings
Yellow Bandaned Rings
Zebra Rings
Premium Rings
Copper Window Druzy
Golden Pearl Window Druzy
Pink Copper Window Druzy
Platinum Window Druzy
Rainbow Window Druzy
Aquamarine Rings
Chrysoprase Rings
Amethyst Druzy
Citrine Druzy
Dentrite Opal Rings
Golden Rutile Rings
Labradorite Rings
Moon Stone Rings
Petrified Wood Rings
Pink Opal
Rhodochrosite Rings
Indian Emerald
Indian Ruby
Indian Sapphire
Smokey Quartz Rings
Turquoise Rings
Exclusive Rings
American Turquoise Rings
Amethyst Cuts Rings
Amethyst Stalactites
Blue Copper Turquoise
Purple Copper Turquoise
Green Copper Turquoise
Designer Biwa Rings
Blue Moonstone Rings
Blue Topaz Rings
Brandy Citrine Rings
Citrine Rings
Dichroic Glass Rings
Green Amethyst Rings
Blue Mohave Turquoise
Purple Mohave Turquoise
Green Mohave Turquoise
Imperial Jasper Rings
Larimar Rings Rings
Lemon Topaz Rings
Labradorite Blue Fire
Mystic Topaz Rings
Stud Rings
Small Cabs Rings
Small Cut Rings

Assorted Gemstone Rings By Weight

Essentials Jewelry are QUALITY CHUNKY GEMSTONE RINGS. . Offering 42 gemstones for rings.
The Rings are sold in assorted lots of 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams and so on...
Average Weight of a Rings:
Plain Rings: 6 to 10 grams.

B) Ever Green Gemstones: Refering to various agates, onyxes, jasper and many more.
C) Premium Gemstones: Refering to gemstones with finer quality.
D) Exclusive Gemstones : Refering to higher end and rare gemstones.

Ever Green.. consists of a wide variety of gemstones... these are competitively priced.
Amazonite Agate Druzy Black Sheen Aqua Chalcedony

Aventurine Apophyllite Pyrite Azurite
Banded Agate Black Onyx Black Onyx Cut Blue Lace
Crystal Cuts Turtella Jasper Chalcedony Druzy
Lapis Lazuli Malachite Malachite Azuraite Multi Florite
Nafed Zade Ocean Jasper Picaso White Howlaite
Picture Jasper Red Jasper Rose Quartz Goldy
Snow Flake Coronelian Tiger Eye Iron Tiger
Yellow Banded Green Onyx Dalmation Star Glaxy
Grefic Jasper Moss Agate Hematite Polka Dot
Lepord Skin Zebra Poppy Jasper Rainforest Jasper
Silver Leaf Unakite Pioneer Wood Blue Sun Star
Rhodonite Pheshosderite Black Rutile Blood Stone
Premium Gemstone Rings ... our speciality.
Copper Window Druzy Golden Pearl Window Pink Copper Window Druzy Platinum Window Druzy
Rainbow Window Druzy Noreena Rhyolite Ruby Zoisite
Amethyst Aquamarine Chrysoprase Golden Rutile
Turquoise Labradorite Moon Stone Rhodochrosite
Amethyst Druzy Petrified Wood Dentrite Opal Citrine Druzy
Smoky Topaz Gaspeite Pink Opal Indian Sapphire
Indian Emerald Indian Ruby    
Exclusive Gemstone Rings consists of rare and high end gemstones.
Amethyst Stalactites Eclipse Stud Rings Small Cabs Rings
Small Cut Rings Mystic Topaz Larimar Dichroic Glass
Green Amethyst Amethyst Cuts American Turquoise Blue Topaz
Brandy Citrine Blue Mohave TQ Green Mohave TQ Purple Mohave TQ
Labradorite Blue Fire Blue Copper Turquoise Green Copper Turquoise Purple Copper Turquoise
Imperial Jasper Lemon Topaz Blue Moonstone Biwa Rings
Charolite Rainbow Calcica