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The International wholesale jewelery conditions are providing renewed impetus for the wholesale jewelry market and hence greater opportunities fashion jewelry exporters thailand form various developing countries specifically 925 jewelry exporters semi precious stone India, gemstone . New uses of fashion jewelry e.g. silver jewelry on different parts of the body, or different types of jewelry and new users (teenagers, men), as well as increased self-purchase particularly by women, have contributed to broadening the base of consumption of sterling jewelry and jewelry fashion trade . Today's wholesale fashion jewelry still looks stylish, glamorous and is decorated with colourful gemstones. For developing country silver manufacturers jewellery exports, unique and well-designed jewellery items in the lower-medium price ranges offer good opportunities.

In order to distinguish themselves, fashion indian jewellery exporters should try to specialise in terms of:

  • Skills : specially made jewelry exports, created by unique metalworking, finishing or material combinations.
  • Country : jewelry which is distinctive to its country of origin say suppliers and imitation exporters should Indian design in silver traditional jewelry (Indian Fashion Jewellery exporters marketing themselves exporters of Indian jewelry specially using gem stones are doing good business).
  • Material : the use of unique (natural) materials or the use of a unique combination of materials specially by manufacturers and exporters of jewelry like using a combination of semi precious gemstone supplies.
  • Design : become a specialist in jewelry of unique or specific ethnic design from your own culture Eg. Indian ethenic silver jewelry. Co-operating with a local designer would be useful to give the collection a 'local touch'. Another option for exporters could be to develop a strategic alliance with buyers in order to be sure that the right design and quality level is being reached. Foreign nationals living in the various EU member states form another interesting market opportunity for exporters. This group is strongly increasing in each of the selected EU countries.

    Threats and difficulties for costume jewelry exporters from countries jewelry india, thailand, china etc:
  •   Innovations in jewelry wholesale dealers market are frequently required in maintaining interest of demanding consumers who fashion and inovative designs.
  •   As fashions can be very short-lived in wholesale fashion jewelry markets , it is difficult for jewelry suppliers start a long-term investment in  wholesale silver jewelry as manufacturers business.
  •   Jewelry exporters should invest in production capacity for wholesale jewelry manufacturing , good communication, keen wholesale jewelleries pricing and fast delivery are needed.
  •   For gemstones jewelry exporter, making, state-of-the-art technical skills and equipment are often needed.