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Essentials Jewelry : Indian Based Manufacturers of quality gemstones silver jewelry.

Jewelry is sold in many other types of stores e.g. hypermarkets, children's clothing outlets, toy shops, sports shops, optical shops, in-flight shops by the airlines, shoe shops, cash-and-carry wholesalers with retail outlets, factory outlets and petrol stations. A significant recent move by the major US retailer Walmart is to introduce ranges of competitively priced jewelry into 170 of its Asda UK outlets, a sure sign that supermarkets are considering entering the jewelry market.

Consumers also buy jewelry in gift shops, duty-free shops at airports and in some major cities, and in small shops attached to tourist locations such as museums and art galleries. This merchandise is purchased from specialist importers, whose product ranges include giftware as well as jewelry. These outlets represent a good opportunity for exporters, provided that items are sold in special gift packaging and with an explanatory leaflet.

Fashion boutiques
Most are independently owned and operate in the middle to upper sections of the market. They do not have the purchasing power of bigger retailers so have to work with higher margins. In these outlets, jewelry and clothing must be fashionable and exclusive in order to differentiate from mainstream fashion. They tend to carry a limited range that is chosen to complement their clothing collections (e.g. Versace, Kenzo, Moschino, Fiorucci). Importers and agents are their main source of supply.

Fashion accessory shop (franchised): These shops, linked to a franchise organisation are most commonly found in France and increasingly in Italy. In France, more than half of costume jewelry mid-market sales were via 3300 franchised stores, operated by 18 franchisers. Accessory shops have a wider product range, selling many fashion accessories in addition to jewelry, such as scarves, sunglasses, watches, headwear, belts, bags, socks and other gift items