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India based geniune suppliers of bulk silver jewwelry of gem stone silver jewelry from india, as a direct manufacturer we supply silver jewelry in bulk to various distributors of gemstotone jewelry suc as retailers and wholesalers. Our handmade bulk pendants lots are famou r world over of quality and wholesale prices of jewelry.
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  Bulk Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

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Essentials Jewelry manufactrure silver jewelry in larger bulk volumes, for large jewelry retailers, silver jewelry department stores or mail order company, lead times are short. We have tendency to keep jewelry stock levels as low as possible and for silver jewelry items having high turnover ratio high. We have jewelry production of smaller lots of jewelry designs having shorter life cycles and more flexibility to production for silver jewelry according to specification and to supply them 'Just In Time'. We supply our bulk jewelry items sent bycorier and bulky items are supplies by sea freight.

Bulk Silver Jewelry in India

Essentials jewelry has a reliable method of shipping of high end jewelry e.g. courier, air freight, but not post. In the case of courier, it is recommended that you use the same company as the jewley importer and buyer, as silver jewelry importers benefit from wholesale jewelry discounts. As exporters of jewelry we must not only estimate costs accurately before entering into a contract, but also ensure that the shipping facilities in manufacturers of jewelry country can guarantee delivery within the contractual time frame. Are our shipping facilities reliable?

  Silver Jewelry Bulk Distributors From India

we as silver jewelry suppliers india are near air airport. we dont face problems like when the jewelry has to travel a long distance overland before reaching the port and has to be stocked for a while due to a delayed shipping schedule. Silver jewelry export from india forwarder that is experienced in handling jewelry to minimise the risk of damage, and who can provide good advice on safe export packaging. We also supply bulk and distributore ad direct wholesale jewelry manufacturers have experience and preferably speak the language of the destination country, and provide assistance in handling all documentation, including export licensing.

 Bulk Fashion Jewelry Suppliers

Airfreight usually takes a few days, depending on destination. In case of sea freight, which may take between 8 - 10 weeks from e.g. an Indian to an USA, Australia and othe european countries. Jewelry Distribtors Freight services must be high quality, safe and, at the same time and the same time should be affordable silver jewelry.

  Gemstone Jewelry Sale in Bulk for wholesale
Essentials Jewelry uses gemstones such as Amethyst Cabs, Amethyst Cuts , Amazonite , Aventurine , Black Onyx, Bruno Jasper, Tiger Eye, Brown Gold Stone, Chalcedony, Crystal Cuts, Cornelian, Chrysoprase, Flower Jasper , Green Onyx, Moon Stone, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Leopard Skin, Lemon Topaz just to name a few.