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Manufacturers of Indian gemstone silver jewelry using sterling i.e. 925 % Hallmarked natural semi precious stone Indian jewelry distributors and suppliers of online Indian Silver Jewlery using genuine semi precious stones. This designer wholesale gemstone Jewelry Indian is handmade.
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A thing of beauty is joy forever, goes the adage and how true it is! indian Gemstone Sterling Silver jewellery are those intricate pieces of creation, which need special attention and creativity at the time of their wear. It's a common myth that we were to enhance their or own beauty. However the opposite is true. While an appropriate combination of natural semi precious stone Indian jewelry enhances the beauty of both the gems jewelry and its wearer, an inappropriate combination could be a distracting phenomenon to the eyes. Despite more than centuries of wearing indian geniune gemstone silver jewelry handmade, people wonder whether it is still is more of an art then science.
Before we learn the art of manufacturing Indian handcrafted gems stone jewelry in wholesale , its important for us to understand the finer points of various gems. We tend to examine a gem on the basis of clarity, colours and carat. Similarly, the manner in which the gem is cut also plays a significant role in determining its inherent beauty. Few of the most exquisite pieces, which we see today were made possible by the forth "C"- Cut. A proper cuts adds a unique beauty to the gem, which makes it different from the others. So it is very important that when manufacturers and exporters of handcrafted indian gemstone hallmarked jewelry , you should choose the right cut for it.
At the same time, a right colours, a right texture and an appearance also a play a key role in determining how a gem should adorn your body and become indian designer turquoise jewelry. We as a manufacturers of Indian fashion silver jewelry and wholesale distributors often face the problem of matching and suiting the right frame for a particular gem to set it. Confused with whether it should be a ring, a necklace, a pendant, a even a bracelet, we start following the easier route of selecting the structure. Others usually select the structure first of their online indian traditional costume jewelry store and just get the gem fitted in it without understanding that a gem has a beauty of it own and with a callous approach, we are actually demeaning of the beauty of gems.
When we move a little further, we as suppliers and exporters will realize that the semi precious gemstone can be linked with various tings. The gemology has become a well versed science and it states that their a clear link between the mood of the wearer and the gem. Gems too possess some inherent characteristics and some thing which might be suited in one situation , might not be true in the other. For instance while garnet might tickle your mischievous self, a yellow citrine could be a soothing companion for a romantic rendezvous.