Wholesale Silver Jewelry Distributors From India

Suppliers and wholesale distributors of sterling silver jewelry directly from India Supply handcrafted jewelry using geniune semi precious gemstones
Directly from Manufacturing House to the Market

 Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

About Essentials Jewelry

  • Is Essentials Jewelry an Indian Company?
    Yes.. Essentials Jewelry is a private company reistered with Fregin and Council under our parent company " U V Overseas"
  • Where is Essentials Jewelry Head Office located?
    Our office & Showroom is in Jaipur at ;
    Essentials Jewelry
    Plot No. 23,
    Sudarshanpura Industrial Area,
    Bais Godam,
    Rajasthan, INDIA
    email: dhull.rahul@gmail.com
  • Where can I buy Essentials Jewelry products in India?
    We retail our products through exclusive company-owned stores at above mentioned details. We also offer online sales through our Essentials Jewelry website at www.essentialsjewelry.com
  • Are Essentials Jewelry products available internationally?
    We sell Essentials Jewelry products to retailers and wholesale buyers around the world directly.

    About our Products

  • Where are your manufacturing facilities located?
    We have a company owned production unit and is located in Jaipur. Our craftsmen are village-based artisans employing their regional jewellery skills and specialities. This commitment has helped preserve the traditional crafts of India and created employment opportunities for expert rural craftsmen.
  • Are all Essentials Jewelry products handmade, Sterling Silver, Natural Gemstones?

  • A) 95% of our products are handmade.
    B) All our pieces are guarantee a minimum content of sterling silver to be 92.5% and all pieces are hallmarked 925.
    C) All stone are natural .. their are few like Dichoric Glass which are not... we usually inform our customers when they place an order.

  • Do Essentials Jewelry sizes conform to international norms?
    We with our past experience in dealing with clients across the globe .. we usually have an idea what would sell in particular .. if you have anything specific, please let us know.
  • What are the advantages of assorted category?
    Assorted pieces offer complete variety(one of kind pieces), faster delivery and very competitively priced.

  • How do I buy online?
    Please send us an email at dhull.rahul@gmail.com requesting for pricing with your complete contact details. We would get back to you with complete pricing and other relevent details you have asked for.

  • If i am large reseller would i be given discount on normal prices ?
    If you are sell wholesale to shops, stores or participate in Jewellery Fairs or Jewellery Shows, we would be willing to offer volume discounts. The minimum quantity required in such case is 2,500 British Pounds or 5,000 USD. Please email at dhull.rahul@gamil.com with complete information.

    If you are bulk buyer... average buying of more then 10 kilos a month, then please email us seprately stating your exact requirement in stones, designs and tentative pricing per gram range your company would like to purchase.

  • I have my own desins ?
    Please email us your design at dhull.rahul@gamil.com and relevent details and we would get back wit complete details.
  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    Assorted Category are shipped between 3 to 10 days and other pieces requires upto 20 days.


  • What are the shipping costs?
  • Freight & Insurance ::
    20 British Pounds for first kilo and 10 British Pounds for every additional kilo.
    40 USD for first kilo and 20 USD for every additional kilo.
  • How do I track my order?

    Billing & Payments
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept payment via :
    A) Bank Trasfer or Swift Trasfer *this is prefered mode of payment.

    Customer Service

  • Do you offer Online customer service?

    Our gmail ID: dhull.rahul@gmail.com
    Google Talk can be downloaded from:

For immediate assistance:
Call: +91 931 4494 017
email: dhull.rahul@gmail.com

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