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Low Cost Pendants
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Low Cost Filigree Pendants by Weight

Hand crafted Low Cost Filigree Pendants they use very less silver around gemstones. Comes Only in mix of gemstone


Bulk Order Discount available Average Weight is about 6 to 9 grams.
**Minimum order: 500 grams (any number of stones)**
Low Cost Filigree Pendants

ENLARGE                     FLP-018 ENLARGE                     FLP-017 ENLARGE                     FLP-016
ENLARGE                     FLP-015 ENLARGE                     FLP-014 ENLARGE                     FLP-013
ENLARGE                     FLP-012 ENLARGE                     FLP-011 ENLARGE                     FLP-010
ENLARGE                    FLP-009 ENLARGE                     FLP-008 ENLARGE                     FLP-007
ENLARGE                     FLP-006 ENLARGE                     FLP-005 ENLARGE                     FLP-004
ENLARGE                    FLP-003 ENLARGE                     FLP-002 ENLARGE                     FLP-001
 PRODUCT NAME Filigree Silver Pendants
Filigree silver Low Cost Pendants has a thick plate of silver around the gemstone. The silver has high silver finish giving very modern look.
What would you get? Assortment would have a mix of different shapes and sizes. No two pieces are same. The weight would be between 8 to 13 grams.
Minimum Order 100 grams

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