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Traditional Jewellery of pakistan

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Traditional Jewellery : Gold jewellery, plain or studded with diamonds, other gems or pearls, is usually patronized by urban women, while silver jewellery is popular in the villages.

The styles in jewellery in vogue are Kundan, Navratna (set with nine gems), Jarao and Minakari. The gem setting centres are Karachi and Lahore but Hyderabad too specializes in making fine gold jewellery, particularly ornate filigree work. Wholesale gemstone pendents by weight
Sind and Bahawalpur have preserved the old technique of Minakari. Swat, Kangan and Chitral are known for their folk jewellery.

Replenishment for Jewellery : Pakistan has a Jewellery Replenishment Scheme under which exporters can import gold or machinery equal to the value of their exports.

Modernization & Development: Since most of the gem artisans of Pakistan originally migrated from the famous Indian colored gemstones centre - Jaipur, they follow the same traditions and techniques:
However, lately the country has been arranging formal schooling of its artisans with overseas help, since traditional training under skilled Ustads has not been very successful. Wholesale Labradorite Jewellery

The Pakistan Government has been gradually removing duties and taxes to develop Pakistan's diamond and gemstone cutting and jewellery manufacturing industries, which have been clamouring for official support and liberalization.Wholesale moonstone Jewellery
Anti-terrorist war in Afghanistan disturbed this supply during 2002, but is slowly returning to normalcy.

For duty-free imports, the importer must register as an exporter of gemstones or jewellery with the Export Promotion Bureau; arrange foreign currency without using government foreign currellcy funds, sign a declaration and furnish a bond stating that all gemstones will be re-exported; and provide evidence that the gemstones were re-exported within six months of import.



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