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Other Colored Gems: The Gemstones Corporation of Pakistan resumed operation of the emerald mines near Mingora, which produced about 41 0,00 carats in 15 years. Some brilliant, medium to deep greens, possessing unique transparency, are comparable to the finest specimens from Muzo, Colpmbia. But mining is very difficult because the deposits are located in the remote areas where sub-zero temperatures prevail for nearly 10 months of the year.

Because of unsatisfactory performance, this corporation was wound up later.
Besides emeralds, some other gemstones are also found in Pakistan. Rubies are found near the Karakoram mountains in the Hunza Valley. At best the colour is close to that of the finest Burmese stones, but many rubies are so included, cracked or mingled with white calcite that cutting is not possible. In the same formation and associated with the ruby are Spinels of various colors, fine Topaz of a pink color was mined at Katlang, 75 km. northeast of Peshawar. Wholesale moonstone Jewellery These stones have not been treated to enhance the color as is the case with most Brazilian pink topaz; light blue Aquamarine has been found, with colorless Beryl, close to the mountain K-2 in the Karakoram range; Chrome Diopside is found in the Hunza Valley along with Ruby. Fine Kunzite is found in Chitral province as a Pyrope garnet. 'With Quartz, Chrome Tourmaline and various cryptocrystalline material, Pakistan has much to offer. In 1994, Pakistan started mining Peridot. Its deposit was discoverect in a remote mountainous area at a height of 4,500 metres in the Kaghan Valley.

Additional Inflow : Besides the high mountain gems deposits of Pakistan in which pinks predominate, Pakistan is also getting colored gems from its neighbours like Afghanistan and China.Wholesale turquoise Jewellery This inflow includes lapis, Kunzite, Afghan emeralds and Chinese ruby, jade, sapphire, etc.

Lately Pakistan has started International Shows at home and abroad for the sale of its fine colored goods.Wholesale gemstone jewellery Two such expos have been held at Peshawar. The last sliow attracted buyers from many countries and generated good orders for Pakistani goods.


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