Wholesale All Mix Gemstone Necklaces

Wholesale Assorted Mix Stone Lot These are recomanded to small shop owners who would prefer to have variety in their shops, also big wholesalers who would like to try quality products from our company before actually placing larger orders.

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Mix Gemstone Necklaces

Essentials Jewelry all time best sellers..

These are best buy for :
1) Small store owners who would like to maximum variety. No two pieces are same.
2) Customers who would like to get faster delivery .. we usually ship assortment order with 5 working days. Any size order.

How to Order :
You can either order a mix of specific gemstones (i.e. you can select the gemsone from which you would like to make your collection from).
Or you can order a mix of every gemstone..

Types of Style:
A) Plain Setting Silver Necklaces (More popular in UK and Europe Market)
B) Filigree Setting Silver Necklaces (More popular in American and Australian Market)
C) Designer Necklaces.. our speciality and for customers who are looking to buy something very original and unique.

** Please note this would not include pieces from Bezel Setting Necklaces (sold 0.40 US Dollars per gram)

Minimum Order
500 grams

Delivery Time
5 working days

Images for the assorted products
On the left hand side panel .. please visit respecitive stone.

Any question or query:
We are always looking to make an assortment as per customer taste .. if you woud like to have something in particular in your assortment .. Please send us an email at essentialsjewelry@hotmail.com .with your complete contact details.

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