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Diamond - Gem of Choice: Japan is also known as one of the top gem diamond consumers. Japanese fashion conscious ladies pick up diamond jewellery as their first choice. Japan has its own Diamond Bourse at Tokyo.

The Diamond High Council (HRD) of Antwerp is promoting Belgium-Japan diamond cooperation in a big way. It not only participates in Japan's annual Jewellery Fair but also organizes an Antwerp Diamond Conference during the Fair.

Industrial diamonds, mostly synthetic ones, find multiple uses in Japan's growing industries. Whoelsale ammonite Jewellery

Jadeite: According to recent findings, about a dozen deposits in Japan yield green, blue, white, black and purple jadeite of fine quality. Commercial mining is not thriving because these mines are located either in snow-bound hilly areas or in protected areas where mining cannot be undertaken due to environmental reasons. Wholesale druzy Jewellery

Deposits in Kotaki near Itoigawa and Oomi in Niigate prefecture are snow-covered for six months of the year and in warmer months, strong river currents render mining very hazardous.

After the rainy season, jadeite pebbles of good color and quality have been found on the banks of the Kotaki and Himekawa rivers, in Niigata and on the sea-shore at Asai in neighbouring Toyama.

A deposit of fine jadeite in Hasnidate was discovered but the area has snow, rough terrain and harmful insects.

In Ooya in Hyogo prefecture, deposits include rare, good quality, white jadeite with splashes of bright green, but the area is protected. Wholesale Dichroic Glass Jewellery

More jadeite deposits were also discovered in Kanto and Gunma.

Besides the above, there are several other jadeite mines in other areas.

Japanese jadeite samples have been found to be of excellent quality, purity and color and are similar to jadeite from Myanmar (Burma). The stones are highly translucent. Texture and grain are very fine and the color compares with Imperial Jadeite.


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