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Electronic Influences : A major influence on design and style in India today is television, which brings alien ideas, attitudes and style right into all of India's homes. TV has been a major driver of change. "Television fashion trends get replicated particularly in middleclass or small town homes", say Viyas adding however, "While TV as a medium may cut across consumer groups the internationally travelled, we-exposed elite class is less likely to be driven by its impact as this class is in-sync with international fashion trends and global designr brands". According to Foley, there has been noticeable increae in demnd for diamond mangalsutra pendants after the leading ladies of some of the most popular serials started wearing them.
Jain, however, thinks that magazines dictate fashion trens more than television. "Look at magazine like Cosmopolitan, Femina, Woman'' Era and you'll find jewellery designs, advertisements and even articles about them. About 10 years back no fashion magazine featured jewellery, but that is not the case today". Wholesale Labradorite Jewellery
The internet too has contributed to the change sin Indian jewellery tastes "Information is just few clicks away and one wants to emulate the style seen on the ramps of Paris", says Mantri, adding "Minds and pockets - have opened up and the consumer wants 'global' and 'local' to go hand-in-hand. So far we were intrigued by the advent of 'westernization' in the east. Now it's the turn of 'easternization' in the west!

To sum it all up, today's jewellery designer for the Indian market needs to be aware of factors like the shift in the mindset from investment to style statement the longing for a balance between tradition and trend, the need to understand the emotional connection the need to exude confidence and to stand apart, the balance between economic criteria and aesthetics as well as a constant hunger for innovation.
The Indian jewellery market has metamorphosed in the last decade. Consumer perception is evolving with so many brands and jewellers to choose from. It is an exciting period of transition for every - body in an industry that was somnolent for millennia. Wholesale moonstone Jewellery

Gold's rapid ascension in the global bullion markets has made it an attractive commodity to investing. And the need to protect ones investment seems greater now than ever before. The voluntary gold hall marking scheme, introduced by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in April 2000, was intended as a third party insurance for jewellers and consumers who wished to test the purity of their gold jewellery. The scheme found few takers - about 1200 - odd of the estimated 300000 jewelers in India took advantage of it. Even today, most jewellers that do have their jewellery hall marked, favour having it done at private, non-BIS institutions.
The BISs survey conducted four year ago found that around 88 per cent of all gold jewellery sold in India is under-karated. They estimate that the total loss to consumers due to unscrupulous methods of jewellery fabrication amounted to Rs. 10000 crore ($2.2 billion) in the previous year alone. In a bid to improve the general quality of gold, the BIS is currently working on a regulation based on the BIS At, 1986, which will legally govern the hall marking scheme and could make it mandatory within the next couple of years says Y.P. Singh, additional director general of the BIS. "The government can declare hall making mandatory or create enough publicity so that the consumer demands hall marked jewellery", Singh suggests. Wholesale turquoise Jewellery

But of the 800-plus tonnes of gold imported by India last year, the bulk is still consumed in small towns and villages. "Logistics would simply not permit the implementation of such a scheme in India", says Ramesh Pahlajani of Bherumal Shamandas. "In countries like the UK, Kuwait and Bahrain where hallmrking is compulsory the retailer-base is much smaller. For example, Kuwait has around 200-odd jewellers" he adds.

This point is not lost on the BIS either. "Firstly, we need to create a reasonable number of hallmarking and assaying facilities throughut the country", Singh notes adding, "We need to see if we have the environment that enables us to enforce such a law. We have more than 600 districts in the country and ghallmarking facilities are located mainly in big cities, like Mumbai Delhi, Kolkata and Ahmedbad, which aren't within everyones reach in terms of price as well as distance".

The BIS currently operates 37 hall markingand assaying centress in India, six of which are based in Mumbai. The Bureau is redoubling its efforts to set up 33 additional centres in 25 districts. "To boost that number further, we are offering a financial incentive of around 15 per cet of the cost of the equipment or a ceiling of Rs. 15 lakh ($32500) per centre. We hope to promote around 65 centres through this scheme" Singh says. The cost of equipping a Single hallmarking centre, barring the cost of land, is approximately Rs. 50- Rs. 60 lakh ($110000 - $132,000).



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