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Indian based manufacturers and exporters are looking for new agents for its silver jewelry necklaces pendants earrings online for suppliers and distributors silver jewelry agents for various fashion shops
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Essentials Jewelry : Indian Based Manufacturers of quality sterling silver jewelry.

Agents will negotiate on behalf of their clients and act as intermediaries between buyer and seller. They do not buy or sell on their own account and, if they represent more than one exporter, usually work on a commission basis. Some producers use more than one agent, but most prefer to find a reliable one with good contacts and work with them exclusively. This also provides more control over where your products will be sold.
In jewelry, a large number of exclusive brands are offered only through appointed agents, some of which can only be sold through a selected number of retailers. In these cases, agents play an important role in regulating the market as well as in distribution.

Essentials Jewelry for its sterling jewelry always welome new wholesale jewelry agents from following countries:
Silver Jewelry Agents in UK
Silver Jewelry Agents in Thailand
Gemstone Jewelry Agents USA and Canada
Sterling Silver agents in Zealand
Silver Jewelry Agents in Australia