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The GII has provided some tips for traders to identify the lab-grown diamonds - they are cubo - octahedral in shapes that don't look natural; they have iron or nickel metallic inclusions; inclusions clouds that are mostly yellow in colour and cross -shaped fluorescence zoning. However, conclusive identification an only be made at an adequately equipped laboratory.

The GII reported that it recently detected as synthetic, a 0.43 -carat yellow diamond using state-of-the-art equipment that included an FTIR (Fourier transfor Infra Red Spectrophotometer), Diamond view and Diamond Sure. Wholesale Labradorite Jewellery The Diamond view exhibited a typical growth pattern and green-zoned fluorescence in the stone and when it was examined under 60x magnification, it was cloudy and included. Of special interest is the fact that these clouds seemed to be attracted to a magnet even when no large flux particles were present.

Even experienced laboratories cannot detect synthetics without the latest equipment as these stones have physical chemical and optical properties that are identical to those of natural diamonds. Wholesale moonstone Jewellery








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