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Government & Private Sectors' Support : Gemmopolis Estate & Free Trade AreaGemmopolis is a fully integrated one-stop service and tax free diamond, gems and jewellery manufacturing and exporting centre. The project has received solid support from the Government through three authorities, the Board of Investment, the Industrial Estate Authority and the Customs Department. Wholesale Ammonite Jewellery

There is a Gem Exporters' Trade Association and the Thai Gems and Jewellery Traders Association, both headquartered in Bangkok.

Besides various government departments that help the mining, manufacturing and export import activities of the precious sector.

Enamel & Engraving: Besides gold and silver, other materials are also used. Diamonds, pearls and many colored gemstones are set into jewellery. Italian jewellers are also masters in work of enamel with which they create a vast variety of jewellery. Wholesale druzy Jewellery

At Toree del Greco, near Naples, the ancient art of engraving corals has been handed down and the artisans even today create unique pieces.
Red Coral: Red Coral, the most expensive type is currently harvested at two localities in the Mediterranean Sea, along the Cost talian coral is well-known. For Spanish coral also, one of the principal markets is Italy.




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