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Kicking off just before JCK Las vegas the GLDA show is something of a baroeter indicating the state of the market and giving exhibitors an idea of the likely demand in the US market. the show featured an enhanced exhibitor base and for the first time an Indian pavilion.

The 8th annual gem and Lapidary Dealers Association (GLDA) gem and jewellery tradeshow, which washed at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas between May 29 and June 1, featured a major expansion. An entirely new section was added and situated in the Grand Elegance Showroom at the Mirage. The Hong Kong pavilion moved into this section and made room for an India pavilion to be featured at the show for the first time.

Exhibitor offerings included a variety of jewellery that featured a great deal of coloured gemstones. This move towards heavy use of gemstones is part of a world-wide trend as manufacturers try and keep costs down in the face of soaring and uncertain gold prices. More gemstones those in the lower price ranges offer real value for money - enable designs to feature much less gold. Wholesale gemstone Jewellery

Loose coloured gemstones are enjoying something of a resurgence worldwide and loose-stone exhibitors at the GLDA show reported buyer interest. As with other shows, they too reported a polarization of the market with the very high end and the value - for - money lower end doing will and the middle market in the doldrums. Demand was much greater for the lower end, however, according to some exhibitors.

Though the GLDA is a delivery show that allows buyers to immediately take possession of any goods bought, overall movement was not very high. In fat, visitor traffic was thin but then this year almost every show including the basel and the JCK show which the GLDA precedes by a couple of days, has had poor visitor traffic. Wholesale Ammonite Jewellery
Given the current market situation, some exhibitors said the GLDA show offered a cost -effective alternative to the bigger and much higher priced shows. Even without major transactions, it allowed them to get a feel of the market and gauge trends and levels of demand without having to take a major financial hit.


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