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Fine Jewellery : Some jewellery is imported but Britain also manufactures gold and silver jewellery, with or without gemstones, for inland sales as well as overseas markets. Jewellers in collaboration the LVMH has been retailing its braiaef1d jewellery In London. Bond Street, the richest market for jewellery in London's West End, represents the greatest concentration of retailing in the world. Wholesale Ammonite Jewellery In the past few years, jewellery sales in Britain have extended well beyond the traditional jewellery outlets into many general stores, departmental stores, mail order companies and discount warehouses of Britain's successful retail outlets are the jewellery shops inside posh hotels. Wholesale druzy Jewellery
Popular Expos: Various gems and jewellery fairs and expos like International Jewellery London, Birmingham Fair, etc. attract a large number of foreign exhibitors and buyers.
The latest expanded International Jewellery London, scheduled to be held from September 5 to 8, 2004 at Earls Court Two has planned to feature a number of new jewellery collection launches by noted jewellery houses, antique and native jewellery, watches and clocks, hollowware and flatware as well as beautiful gift items. Wholesale Dichroic Glass Jewellery

Exquisite Giftware : Britain is also known for fine, artistic giftware in gold, silver and a number of other materials. Giftware command brisk inland sales. Its exports are also a lucrative line.

Hallmarking: For ensuring quality and affording protection to the consumer, Britain has a well established system of Hallmarking and there are four assay offices at London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh. These four assay offices have been hallmarking millions of items of gold, silver and platinum.


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