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Designing to follow fashion : With so much change and so many variables to consider, most jewellery designers agree that it is vital to under stand the holding lifestyle practices of the customer, viit jewellery stores across the country, national and international fairs, 'fashion weeks' and travel to observe fair 'fashion weeks' and travel to observe what people wear in terms of their garments and accessories. All these provide valuable inputs to a designer. Puri says, "Its important to watch the fashion segment for the colours, styling and detailing on the garments. You need to study the neckline that are in vogue to decide the profile of the neck-wear that you are going to design". Kurian illustrates this by saying. "A good example of fashion trends affecting jewellery design was the layered look. A few season back, all the big design houses were suddenly wrapping up their models in many layers of different materials. This concept took off in the jewellery industry like a rage with design featuring many different beaded necklaces and bangles at the same time".
Nata stresses that a designer has to also keep in mind the wearability of the piece while being conscious of trends. She notes that Indian have traditionally preferred emeralds and rubies for the colour in their jewellery but that of late, a variety of colours and types are in vogue.
Today Indian want topaz, tour-maline and even synthetics if they give the look they want. Wholesale gemstone pendents by weight

But even after factoring all the variables, most designers will tell you that there is no such thing as a single, homogenous India jewellery market. Geographic location and ethnic differences break it up into distinctly different markets with differing tastes. Mantri says that when one designs for the Indian market, one has to definitely keep these aspects in mind. But says Vyas, "The contemporary jewellery segment responds closely to the changes in the global market and the consumer base is not wholly segmented by geographic location or ethnic groupings. Inte4rnationally, companies and marketers are segmenting consumers in the context of their attitudes and values tastes and preferences, lifestyles and living pattern".

However, Pallavi Dudeja Foley, who has designed many collections for the leading jewellery brand Tanishq, thinks there is a specific, identifiable customer base in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore, that is more willing to experiment with new designs and concepts. Wholesale Labradorite Jewellery

Puri adds that Delhi Definitely is very quick to catch on to trends which are bold and visible. Bombay is more style oriented where people are more style oriented where people are more aware of what works for them individually and whether it units their personalities. The south tends to stay with a more classic approach. In Chennai gems are a 'no-no' adds, Rajiv Jain.

Kurian, however, feels that though jewellery is forever evolving the underlying essence of a particular region is always visible in it. "Look at a bride from any particular region of India. Even the most modern north Indian bride will shun internationa brands on hr big day and opt for culturally and traditionally rich embellishments like Kudan jewellery while a south Indian bride would go for temple jewellery." Wholesale moonstone Jewellery

Mantri feels that Indians attach a considerable amount of emotional value to jewellery though this does not affect the design concepts of fashion jeweller. According to Foley, there is a very smal segment emerging of highly fashion conscious individuals who are ready to experiement with tradition. There's also another segment of people who are artistically inclined, and prefer handcrafted or artistically appealing jewellery. And then there are colectors who go for customized pieces that are unique in design material, craftsanshp or technique. Fashion designer empathize with the drift and thus are exploring more and more possibilities in terms of integrating regional tastes with the fashion direction of today.


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