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Recapping achievements
During one of the working sessions, Shmuel Schinitzer, the past WFDB president, recapped al that had been done by the organization had begun a dialogue with the DTC in the wake of the Supplier Of Choie (SOC) initiative. "During the last two years, we have continued our series of meetings with the leaders of the DTC. At our last such meeting, in May 2006, the DTC once more pledged to support diamantaires who are not sightholders, by supplying a greater volume of goods through Diamdel - over 550 million dollars worldwide. Wholesale Ammonite Jewellery The DTC also committed itself to contineu its symposia in the cutting entres, which are intended to covery its messages to non-sightholders. And indeed, the gatherings held so far - n Antwerp, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv and New York - were very instructive and helpful". He added that, "Through our ongoing dialogue with the DTC, we are doing our utmost to enable the vast majority of diamantaires to continue their activities."

He said the WFDB had reached an understanding on different means of cooperation regarding its WFDB Mark, and also received a promise for London for further support of its member bourses with the provision of gemmological equipment. Wholesale Dichroic Glass Jewellery
He said that he could state "with all due modesty", that the WFDB had played a part in Alrosa's decision to change its policy and sell rough to diamantaires who manufacture outside Russia.

On the current situation, he said, "We all know that these are not easy times. The Las Vegas show last May was a good reflection of the situation: there is notable demand, but it is selective, focussed and very specific, resulting in erosion of profitabiity. Our main difficulty at the moment is a lack of ash flowin the markets. This, together with the decline in profits over the last year or two, encumbers our activity. Obviously the diaond industry is not detached from the world econoy. The worldwide economic problems inevitably impact on our business, as well".

On the issue of conflict diamonds, he said, "the sweeping accusation that the diamond industry is still dealing in conflict diamonds seems extremely unfair, especially in light of the fact that the NGOs are well aware of the efforts we are investing in this matter and how serious we are about it.

"It seems a bit odd to me that this harsh criticism was voiced shortly before the premier of the film, Blood Diamond. After all in the last few years, we have been dealing with the problem of conflict diamonds in the most serious, effective manner, in full cooperation with the relevant governments".

As regards the WFDB mark, he said the guiding principle behind it was that any exchange or member could carry the mark as an indication of its fulfillment of the high ethical standards that consumers seek. He said the WFDB had created a stringent code of conduct for this purpose and every member using the mark had to meet al of them as well as being subject to an enforcement mechanism. "The result" he said, "is full transparency enabling scrutiny of every user of the WFDB Mark. This is the cornerstone of our project. It is one of the most out standing undertakings of the Federation and I believe that thousands of our embers will thank us for it".
Apart from the new president, the WFDB re-elected to its executive committee, David Marcus, Jacob Banda, Anoop Mehta, Avi Paz, Dieter Hahn and Freddy Hager.
For its part, the IDMA general assembly also elected vice - presidents Eduard Denckens from Belgium, Moti Ganz from Israel, Maxim Schkadov from Russia and Vasant Mehta from India Stephane Fischler was re-confirmed as secretary - general and treasurer for a fifth term.

The Canadian Manufacturing Association (CDMA), which had applied to become IDMA's 13th Member organization participated as an observer pending full membership at the next congress. Wholesale gemstone pendents by weight

The IDMA General Assembly voiced its support to a proposal that the 33rd World Diamond Congress take place in Shanghai in 2008, and that the 34th World Diamond Congress take place in Moscow in 2010. The 2007 Presidents Meeting will be held in Amsterdam.



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