Wholesale Smokey Quartz Studs

If you are looking to purchase wholesale Studs Smokey Quartz jewelry setted in sterling silver, we are direct manufacturers and wholesalers of Smokey Quartz Studs and other Studs Smokey Quartz jewellery. Studs Smokey Quartz are carefully handpicked by experts, and then handcrafted in sterling silver to get a unique piece. These pieces have high silver finish and strict quality
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Quality Smokey Quartz Studs By Pieces
Smokey Quartz Studs are on of our best sellers. Fine grade of Studs Smokey Quartz s are very carefully handpicked by our expert in-house staff.
Plain Smokey Quartz Studs


Smokey Quartz Studs gives the best of India’s rich craftsmanship. The hand on the sides is completely hand done by expert silversmiths.
What would you get? A mix of shapes and sizes, the work on side would also differ on each piece.
Minimum Order 10 Pieces

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