Wholesale Labradorite bracelets

SuppliesLabradorite silver bracelets handmade using hand picked quality assorted Labradorite gemstone pieces .If you looking buy wholesale supplies of Labradorite bracelets and selling them to various resellers please contact us
Wholesale labradorite Bracelets Setted in Sterling Silver **Premium Category**

The bracelets are handmade using quality pieces of labradorite. The labradorite used are carefully hand picked by experts, so to give our customer quality pieces of labradorite bracelets.

* The Bracelets are only sold in lots of 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams and on ..........you can no specify the design code of your preference.

Labradorite Bracelets
 PRODUCT NAME Assorted Labradorite Bracelets
Plain labradorite Bracelets have plain silver setting around labradorite Pieces. The labradorite pieces are carefully hand picked by experts.
What would you get? Assorted Hand Picked Plain labradorite Bracelets. Few sample images are shown above.
Minimum Order 100 grams
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