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Belgiun Diamond Trade


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Belgian Diamond Trade

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Diamond Trade: Belgium imports and exports rough as well as cut and polished diamonds in huge quantities from and to countries including India, Israel and the USA. Australian (Argyle), Canadian (Ekati) and Russian diamonds also reach the World through Belgium. Indian firms figure prominently in Belgian manufacturing and trading. Antwerp supplies a large amount of diamond ro'lgh to India from its open market.

The diamond trade occupies an important place in Belgian foreign trade. De Beers runs its largest sawing plant in Antwerp, Lens Diamond, which employs most of the area's sawyers and cleavers. Diamdel, the daughter trading concern of De Beers, has topped the list of trade firms.

Indian diamantaires are also running many offices and modern processing factories in Antwerp. Wholesale Dichroic Glass Jewellery

Turnover Improving: Belgian Exports: In the trade with the 10 most important non-European trade partners of Belgium, diamond is the first export product: USA (24%), Israel (80%), India (88%), Switzerland (16%), Hong Kong (45%) and China (23%). For Japan, diamond is the second export product (13%). Wholesale gemstone pendents by weight

The Diamond High Council, the apex body of the trade, was founded in 1973 for promoting Antwerp as the world diamond centre.

It disseminates information, administers diamond activities and takes care of the welfare of the sector. Relocated in a new building now, the High Council is undertaking multifaceted activities for promoting diamonds, including overseas diamond missions to important buying countries. Lately the HRD has opened its Only overseas office at Toronto, Canada where it has commenced imparting diamond training too.

It operates a Scientific and Research Section also for technological advancement. The Diamond Office regulates customs appraisals and outflow. There is even a Social Fund for the welfare of the highly skilled diamond workers. It runs an Institute of Gemmology and has a Public Relations Department.

Recently HRD invested in the installation of a Fibre optics cable in the Antwerp Diamond Area (ADA) to facilitate communication in the diamond quarter and to lower the cost thereof. Thanks to the fibre optics cable, free telephone traffic can be offered in the ADA containing 38 buildings and 1,600 diamond companies. Subscribers enjoy further special rates for international and mobile calls.
The Technical Division of the Diamond High Council is actively engaged in research to develop new equipment and gemmological tools. Its latest achievement is an advanced diamond Microscope the D-Scope for the 21st century. It enables a diamantaire to examine a gem even remotely with the utmost precision, while sitting literally half a world away. Wholesale Labradorite Jewellery

Comdiam is the marketing arm of the HRD. Comdiam commercializes new technology and applied research developed by the HRD. The Council also publishes an information bulletin on diamonds.

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) has its headquarters in Antwerp. A new World Diamond Museum was inaugurated at Antwerp in October, 2002.



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