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Rich Gems Variety: Besides Opals and Diamonds, Australia produces a number of other gems too; The principal gem mining areas of Australia are:

Diamonds: Western Australia. Since 1977 there have been a number of significant diamond discoveries in the Kimberley region of Western Australia by the Ashton Exploration Joint Venture (AEJV). The main prospects are located at Allendale and Argyle. Wholesale Dichroic Glass Jewellery The project's annual output has reached nearly 40 million carats and it promises to rise further.

Australia began producing diamonds in the 1980s and has already become the world's largest. producer, in terms of carats. The Argyle kimberlite (Iamproite) pipe in Western Australia has an average grade of 7 carats per tonne and is the world's highest-grade deposit. This pipe produces four times as many carats per year as the next largest producer. However, the average value of diamonds per carat is the lowest in the world excepting the rare pink diamonds that are valued very highly in the world of beautiful gems. These rare diamonds are sold by an annual Tender after exhibiting them at selected centres to an exclusive gathering of top buyers.
Higher quality diamonds are produced on a relatively small scale at the nearby Bow River Alluvial Deposit. Wholesale gemstone pendents by weight

Australia has attracted more exploration activity over the past decade than any other country. This includes even sea-bed search for diamonds believed to have been washed away by the Ord River over the centuries from Kimberlite areas upstream. The huge Argyle establishment is currently endeavouring to increase production and reduce cost. Further development to extend the life of the Argyle mine is continuing. There are even plans for underground development, after the full exploitation of the open pit potential.

Australia is also helping Canada in exploring and exploiting diamonds in its Northern Territory. Rio Tinto, the major share holder and manager of Argyle, has a 60 per cent stake in the Diavik diamond mine of Canada.

Rio Tinto, the global mining giant has interests in a number of minerals. Wholesale Labradorite Jewellery

Rio Tinto wholly owns diamond mines at Argyle and Merlin, it has 60 per cent share n the Diavik Diamond Mine.

The nett earnings of the diamond division of Rio Tinto shot up 79.36 per cent to US$ 113 million in 2003, from US$ 63 million in the earlier year, as its gross turnover went up during the period by 49.46 per cent to US$ 556 million from US$ 372 million.



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